We manufacture parts and assemblies to customer specifications using a diverse fleet of equipment in our climate-controlled facility.  We have the capacity to handle your production needs, whether short, medium or long-run production.

Our fleet consists of 40 mills (vertical and horizontal, with tables from 20” to 120”) and lathes.  Our 3, 4 & 5-axis CNC Mills, CNC Turning machines, and our CNC pre-setter allow us to repeatedly machine components with tight tolerances and challenging geometries.  You can find further detail on our facilities page.

Engineering & Programming

Our Engineering group is involved at every level, including quoting.  We only release a part to production after thorough review and programming verification. Our team of manufacturing engineers (all former machinists) use Solidworks® and CAMWorks® to optimally program and simulate parts before they hit the shop floor.  We will take your product from design model to completion and will work with you to refine it for maximum manufacturing efficiency.

Urethane Molding

Comstock manufactures custom urethane parts, urethane rollers, and bonded urethane/metal parts using customer specified materials. Our urethane manufacturing facility is purpose built to provide on-time, in-spec precision molded urethane parts. We can manufacture from existing molds as well as machine aluminum or steel molds. By combining our machine shop capabilities with our urethane capabilities, we offer one-stop shopping for most bonded urethane parts .


Our welding department is equipped with the latest technology in both MIG and TIG welding capabilities; we can weld a variety of materials, ranging from aluminum, titanium, stainless, cast iron and mild steel. Our manual welding operations can be applied to the production of smaller volume applications and our 6-Axis Robotic Welder provides capacity for longer run/larger volume production.


Our Quality systems span multiple disciplines: automotive, aerospace, and medical. We use innovative approaches to comply with the toughest Quality standards manufacturing has to offer. We don’t just “check the boxes” and we don’t toss around Quality terms loosely. We live it every hour of every day. When it comes to final inspection, our 4 CMM are used when and where it is either necessary or effective, or both.

Assembly & Finishing

Comstock is well equipped for part assembly including clean room and/or complex assembly. Beyond machining and assembling your unit, we offer highly detailed final processes. We perform ultrasonic cleaning, custom labeling and packaging. We also have capability to powder-coat and wet paint parts.


We focus on what we do well and have great partners to handle ancillary services for plating, grinding, polishing, and other finishing needs. Our partners are vetted through a careful and extensive process that demands each partner has robust Quality systems and the ability to scale with demand.

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