Our 32,000 square feet under roof spread across our 3-acre campus houses purpose built, state of the art manufacturing and finishing departments. See below for equipment details.

CNC Mills Including 5-Axis Positional32
Largest X-Axis Travel120 inches
CNC Pallet Machines4
CNC Horizontal Mills2
CNC Lathes10
CNC Lathes with Live Tooling3
CNC Pre-setter1
Square Footage Total32,000
Manual WeldingYes
6-Axis Robotic WeldingYes
Urethane CastingYes
Powder CoatingYes
Wet PaintingYes

Equipment Detail

Horizontal and Vertical MillingTravel
Okuma Genos M560-V Hi-column 5-axisx-41″, y-22″, z-18″
Okuma Millac 825VII x-120″, y-36″, z-38″
Okuma MC-4020 x-40″, y-20″, z-20″
Fanuc RoboDrill T21iFLAx-28″, y-16″, z-13″
Kitamura Mycenter HX400iSII Horizontalx-24″, y-24″, z-24″
Kitamura Mycenter HX250G Horizontalx-12″, y-12″, z-13″
Kitamura Mycenter 3XiFx-30″, y-18″, z-18″
Kitamura Mycenter 3XGx-30″, y-18″, z-18″
Kitamura Mycenter 3Xx-30″, y-18″, z-18″
Kitamura 2XiFx-20″, y-18″, z-18″
Kitamura Mycenter 2Xx-20″, y-18″, z-18″
(2) Bridgeport Hardinge VMC XR1000x-40″, y-20″, z-20″
Bridgeport Hardinge VMC 1000 XP3x-40″, y-24″, z-24″
(2) Bridgeport VMC 760-XP3 x-30″, y-20″, z-20″
Bridgeport VMC 600x-23″, y-20″, z-18″
Bridgeport Hardinge VMC DT480P3x-19″, y-16″, z-18″
Quaser MV204 CPLx-60″, y-24″, z-24″
Quaser MV184Ex-40″, y-24″, z-24″
(2) Feeler HV-1000x-40″, y-21″, z-20″
Feeler VM-40SAx-40″, y-20″, z-20″
Feeler VM-32SAx-30″, y-20″, z-18″
(2) Samsung MCV50x-35″, y-19″, z-20″
Samsung MCV 380TDx-21″, y-15″, z-14″
Leadwell V-80ix-80″, y-40″, z-28″
(2) Leadwell MCV-760 x-30″, y-20″, z-20″
Leadwell V-20x-20″, y-14″, z-18″
Turning DepartmentCapacities
Ikegal TU26Ø -24″,L-30″, 3.0″ thru
(2) Ikegai Genesis 1208 RØ-22″, L-22″, 2.8″ thru
Samsung SL 35MCØ-27″, L-60″, 4.6″ thru
Samsung SL25ASYØ-16″, L-16″, 2.6″ thru
(2) Samsung SL20Ø-12″, L-20″, 2.6″ thru
Hardinge SV200 CNC Turning CenterØ-18″, L-16″, 2.2″ thru
CNC Hardinge Talent 6/45 w/ Bar Feed Ø-18″, L-16″, 2.2″ thru
Leadwell LTC-20Ø-24″, L-30″, 3.0″ thru
Inspection Department
(2) Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage CMM
Brown & Sharpe Global FX CMM
Brown & Sharpe Global Classic CMM
Deltronic DH-214 Optical Comparator
(5) Brown & Sharpe Tesa Hites Digital Height Gages
(3) Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage
Brown & Sharpe Surface Plates
Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Type PJ-250
Powder-coating and Painting Department
ITW Gema OptiSelect Manual Powder Gun
Powder-coating Paint Spray Booth
(2) Walk-in Curing Ovens
Cross Flow Paint Booth
Tool-setting Department
ZOLLER Venturion 450 / pilot 3.0 CNC pre-setter
Urethane Department
CDR Transfer Molder
Wabash Compression Molder
(4) Ovens (Grieve, Hubbard, JPW, Continental)
Stockes Compression Molder
8 Urethane Casting Stations
Welding Department
Panasonic 112 6-Axis Robotic Welder
Miller 200 Amp DC TIG Welder
Miller 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder
Hypertherm Powermax 1250 Plasma Cutter
Millermatic WC-1 Al MIG w/ 5# Gun
Model 2000 Welding Positioners
Linde 200A MIG Welder
Miller 300A AC/DC TIG Welder