About Us

Founded in 1980 and under new ownership since 2016, Comstock Industries has evolved over four decades from a “machine in a garage” into a full-service precision machining company. It retains the flexibility and efficiencies of a small business, while leveraging systems and processes to continually push towards the next level of discipline and professionalism. We have a relentless focus on developing the right culture and values to serve increasingly demanding industries and customers.

Comstock understands that growth is not possible without scalable processes. We understand that success is not achievable unless the underlying systems that drive production are robust, repeatable, and rewarding for our employees. Therefore, everything we do is based on the following five key pillars:

Culture Systems – Process – Communication – Focus

Comstock is committed to education internally and externally. Internally we provide on the job training to move motivated employees through a wide range of skill sets, the only limit being the employee’s desire to continuously learn. Externally Comstock is committed to the local technical schools, colleges, and universities. We teach in the community college system, we sit on the advisory boards of multiple colleges, and we are actively engaged with regional high school technical programs. Affiliations include:

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

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