Lathe Turning

As a precision machined parts manufacturer, Comstock has specialized staff and technicians unique to our lathe cells. Whether machining complex turned parts out of aluminum, stainless steel, G10, or urethane Comstock provides precision parts.  We offer 100% inspection upon request using our four Browne and Sharp CMMs.

Here is a list of our lathes and related equipment.

Samsung SL 35MC

Samsung SL25ASY

Ikegai Genesis 1208 R

Ikegai TU26 24" Diameter x 30" Length x 3.0" Thru

Samsung SL20 24" Diameter X 20" Length X 2.55" Thru

Leadwell LTC-20 24" Diameter X 30" Length X 3.0" Thru

Hardinge SV200 18" Diameter X 1.5" Thru

Hardinge Talent 6/45

CNC Hardinge Talent 6/45 w/ Bar Feed Turning Center

CNC Hardinge SV200 Turning Center

Your One-Stop Precision Parts Manufacturer

Comstock Industries, an ISO9001:2015 company, is the precision parts manufacturer and finishing center in New England. Our integrated CAD/CAM CNC mills, lathes and welders in conjunction with our 4 Brown and Sharpe CMMs ensure the most reliable and repeatable tolerances available anywhere. We offer the most technologically advanced custom molded urethane and bonded urethane parts. Combined with our anodizing, powder coating, and plating services you are one call away from finished goods!

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  • Aluminum Castings
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Aluminum Rod
  • Arm Rail Bracket
  • Bottom Seal
  • Brass Coupling
  • Bronze Housings
  • Cam
  • Feed Rollers
  • Fuel Flow Transmitter
  • Heater Cores
  • Housing
  • Nip Roll Axis
  • Piston Walls
  • Sander Shaft
  • Silicone Roller
  • Small Lathe Part
  • Stand Off
  • Stand Off
  • Steel Roller Cores
  • Threaded Spacer
  • Thumb Screw
  • Top Cap
  • Upper Housing SS
  • Urethane Gear
  • Urethane Roller
  • Urethane Rollers

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