(1) Samsung MCV 380TD

The Samsung MCV 380TD is a vertical machining center complete with a two pallet auto indexing table. This machine comes with a number of standard features including 20 tools double arm ATC, full splash guard, 3 color status light, 15,000rpm spindle.

It boasts an X axis travel of 20.5 inches, Y axis travel of 15 inches and Z axis travel of 13.8 inches. The spindle nose to table surface is 7.9 to 21.7 inches. Table size is 23.6 by 16.5 inches with a load capacity of 442 pounds per pallet.


The spinde speed reaches a maximum of 12,000 rpm driven by a 10 hp Fanuc motor. Spindle torque is 26 foot pounds. A BT 30 taper spindle is also standard on the MCV 380TD.


The maximum cutting feed rate is 787 inches per minute on all axes. Maximum rapid rate is 1,969 inches per minute on all axis. Pallet rotate time is 4.5 seconds.

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