Panasonic 112S 6 Axis Robotic Welder

The Panasonic PerformArc 112S robotic welder is versatile and capable of almost any production job, providing unrivaled consistency and quality.

Key features:

- VR-006G II electricarc welding 6-axis articulated robot manipulator with 1360mm electrode reach tothe center line of the sixth axis.

- Fully integrated robot controller digitally interfaced with high-performance Panasonic Artificially Intelligent inverter power supply and 32-bit RISC processors for superiorwelding performance.

- Superior arc starts through a patented technology known as impulse arc start, and a flying arc start that saves time and increases productivity.

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  • Panasonic 112S 6 Axis Robotic Welder
  • Panasonic 112S 6 Axis Robotic Welder

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