(1) Okuma Millac 852VII

Our Millac 852V II vertical machining center from Okuma stands out for its 120” of X-axis travel, but its X, Y, Z travels and large table designed to withstand heavy loads all make it particularly well-suited for machining large, heavy workpieces.

As Okuma describes it, the Millac 852VII vertical machining center is the ultimate in large machining centers with high rigidity, heavy cutting ability and high operability. The strong base column construction has optimally-placed ribs to counter chatter and twisting during heavy-duty cutting. Traditional box ways is used for all axes to give high accuracy and rigidity over the long term. With the use of variable speed gear head and large-diamter spindle bearins, this machine can perform heavy-duty cutting and rapid machining with large torque from low to high speeds.

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