(1) Kitamura Mycenter HX400iSII Horizontal Mill

X-24”,Y-24”,Z-24” The Kitamura Mycenter¨ HX400i Horizontal Machining Center is designed with 1,969 IPM feedrates on all axes with solid box ways. The machine features simultaneous X, Y and Z strokes: 26” x 24” x 22” (X,Y,Z) plus a full 4th axis rotary table (0 - 360 degrees / 0.001 degree increments).  The Mycenter-HX400i has a 15.7” x 15.7” table and utilizes the table traverse design for the X and Y axis movement, a feature that reduces workpiece/spindle interference (by 2/3) common on machines with a traveling column design. The Mycenter-HX400i can execute simultaneous full travels throughout all four axes.

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