Gusmer Omega RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)

The Omega RIM is a state-of-the-art high pressure polyurethane metering and dispensing machine designed and manufactured by Gusmer-Admiral, Inc., with special attention to accuracy and performance reliability. It allows the production of both large and small parts within an acceptable cream time. The OmegaRim brings all the advantages of high pressure RIM processing but eliminates the price gap between low and high pressure equipment.

RIM machines, depending on the chemical formulation, can manufacture products with a range of physical characteristics: either foam or solid, highly rigid or very flexible. Polyurethane products manufactured from the RIM process are typically lightweight, high-strength, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, resistant to organic and inorganic acids, and with a high R-value.

Key benefits from the RIM process:

1. Large AND lightweight parts: the process combined with the fluid properties of polyurethane components allows for even distribution within the mold. This enables the production of large parts, unlike with injection molding,. This is also possible without large presses, since mold pressures are much lower.

2. Low-cost molds: Because of the low injection pressures of the RIM process, we can use molds made of a variety of less expensive mold materials including steel, aluminum, Kirksite alloys, nickel, epoxy, silicone and fiberglass. The larger the mold, the greater the savings.

3. Design creativity: RIM lets you mold complex shapes or highly detailed parts with intricate design features at relatively low tooling and capital equipment costs. Monolithic parts or components with varying wall thicknesses can be designed into the same molded part.

4. Rapid prototyping: Excellent working prototypes can be developed with lead times of 3-15 days, at a cost much less than traditional injection molding. This also allows for ergonomic or functionality

testing prior to cutting actual high-pressure injection molds. RIM is ideal for shorter production runs of less than 5,000.

5. Class A Surfaces: The surface finish of RIM parts allows manufacturers to produce Class A painted parts – high-gloss finishes that match high-gloss painted metal parts.

The OmegaRim is designed to manufacture a wide variety of urethane products at up to 100lbs./min. @ 1:1 ratio.  It is perfectly suited to manufacture products such as decorative molding, aircraft and automotive components, medical devices, prosthetics etc.

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