(2) Feeler HV-1000

HV-1000 Features:

• 30 hp / 15,000 DDS

• 40 Taper BIG-PLUS


• X-Y Roller guideways travel: 39.4”/20.5” (1000mm/520mm)

• Z Boxways travel: 19.9” (505 mm)

• Table Dimensions: 45.3” x 20.5” (1150 x 520 mm)

• Rapid Traverse Feedrate on X/Y/Z Axes: 2362”/min, 2362”/min, 

 1181” /min, (60 m/min, 60 m/min, 30 m/mHV-1000 Features

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  • Feeler HV-1000

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